Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day THREE/365 Project (A Day In My Life)

I caught a cold today!! I sware I've been on vacation for two weeks now and the day before I go back to work I'm sick...thank goodness I work from home!! I've been looking through old pictures I've taken and can't believe I actually considered some of them "professional" LOL. I actually contacted one client that I had an awful session with. It was too bright, her kids were not having it at all (one kept eating all of the sand on the beach :), so I contacted her and asked if we could re-do them for 1/2 off my normal session fee. I know that none of the "conditions" we had were really my fault but I do love what I do and want all of my clients to love it too. I've been working all year strictly off referrals and I want all of my clients to be happy!!

Another venture I've been working on is actually charging what my work is worth. I've always loved what I do and have never charged a lot for it, but I have been reading a lot of posts on clickinmoms and do believe that if I'm going to make a business of it, I need to believe in my work!!

My picture today was just a simple one of my daughter...I promise to upload soon!! We went to the dog park today and of course forgot my camera (oops!!).

I cheated a little on the computer today :( ...I think this is where I hold myself accountable!!

Take care XOXO vikki

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day TWO/365 Project (A Day In My Life)

I did it - I went a whole day, well almost a whole day with no computer until my daughter went to bed. I went on a couple times to check bank account and misc. stuff like that, but nothing facebook, no clickinmoms :), etc. It was a great day except for feeling a cold coming on. We washed the dogs, went to the park and then bike riding!! My picture today was of my daughter and our American Bull Dog, both laying on there backs; they are both hilarious!! I will post at the end of the week.

As far as photography, I'm kind of taking a little break. I was SUPER busy for the holidays. I just did a shoot of a man with his 4 year old daughter at a cemetary where the wife/mother was buried. I hope I accomplished what he was looking for. I'm a little disappointed in my pictures lately, there not as "crisp" as I usually like them. I'm thinking I need a new lens, so I will start looking into that more.

On another hubby and I have decided to really start trying again this year for a baby. Our daughter is now 6 years old and she really wants a sibling. We had trouble conceiving her, and have "casually" tried, hoping...but now I think it's time to really make the effort. I'm not getting any younger :) Happy 2nd Day of the New Year!! Life is good XOXO

Friday, January 1, 2010

Day ONE/365 Project (A Day In My Life)

My life - a 365 Day Project - I'm actually excited about this. I definitly won't be able to post a picture every day, but I will be taking one every day and posting them hopefully each week. 2009 ended quite miserably for me. I hate to be a downer, but it did!! While I try to look to 2010 as it has to get better, it's hard. I have to though, especially for my daughter. I feel like the worst mother and wife with everything. I promise every night that I will stay off the computer while my daughter is out of school so I can spend more quality time with her...and I just can't do it. WHY? This computer is nothing and yet I can't stay away. It's sad and pathetic and I am truly going to make a commitment to being a better mom, being a better wife, being a better person. A happier person!! My other resolution, while a common one I'm sure, is to loose weight. I can't stand feeling so lazy!! My goal is to loose 20 pounds!

Sorry for being Debbie Downer - I have just felt so miserable and stressed that I am trying to PULL myself up and get back to life. Well, day one is over - it was a gorgeous sunset tonight and a great dinner with family, so I'm looking to the future!! XOXO