Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day THREE/365 Project (A Day In My Life)

I caught a cold today!! I sware I've been on vacation for two weeks now and the day before I go back to work I'm sick...thank goodness I work from home!! I've been looking through old pictures I've taken and can't believe I actually considered some of them "professional" LOL. I actually contacted one client that I had an awful session with. It was too bright, her kids were not having it at all (one kept eating all of the sand on the beach :), so I contacted her and asked if we could re-do them for 1/2 off my normal session fee. I know that none of the "conditions" we had were really my fault but I do love what I do and want all of my clients to love it too. I've been working all year strictly off referrals and I want all of my clients to be happy!!

Another venture I've been working on is actually charging what my work is worth. I've always loved what I do and have never charged a lot for it, but I have been reading a lot of posts on clickinmoms and do believe that if I'm going to make a business of it, I need to believe in my work!!

My picture today was just a simple one of my daughter...I promise to upload soon!! We went to the dog park today and of course forgot my camera (oops!!).

I cheated a little on the computer today :( ...I think this is where I hold myself accountable!!

Take care XOXO vikki

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